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Rabu, 20 Jun 2012

Forgive Me Allah...

Here I am..
This is me,
Just a weak, really weak
Human being,
In front of you my beloved,
I am here,
With a heart bleeding, with tears dropping,
With a body shivering, with pain exploding,
Asking you for forgiveness and mercy,
Oh Allah,
Sometimes my life may be corrupted and rough,
Sometimes my tests and journeys get so tough,
But for the sake of you,
It will never be enough!
What have I done to come closer to you Allah?
All what I have done is worth nothing!
And when I give up just a small thing for your sake,
You give me something better in its place!
But, what can I do?
In front of you, oh Allah,
Shouldn’t I have shame?
Shouldn’t I keep putting on myself blame?
I look at all the things you gave me,
And it’s sad to say,
That sometimes a day
Might pass,
Without remembering,
To even
Say, Alhamdulillah!
And if I want to name all what you gave me
I know that,
It will take me years and years
To go through them all,
That is if I remember them all; and maybe…
Just maybe
There are other things
I still don’t know about…!
Oh Allah,
This is only one thing I might forget to do
And I ask you to always guide me upon what is true
For your love would always be what I want to pursue
To you alone I pray and cry and
To please you I really humbly try
And you I obey, worship and abide
And you are the one who will always be on my side…
And today
I will strive to be a better Muslim than yesterday
Only you know my destiny
And what’s the best in me
So lead me to the right way
And don’t let me take the wrong way and sway
I am your slave
And I ask you to always keep me strong and brave
In this world full of harsh waves..


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